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  • Lățimea de pe forum este crescută în mod automat
  • Extended imagine de ansamblu satele agricole (Captain)
  • Rapoarte extinsa
  • Google Docs inclus în joc
  • Hotkeys
  • Privire de ansamblu asupra insulei Extinsa
  • Privire de ansamblu asupra culturii Extinsa
  • Senat Extinsa
  • Townlist Extinsa
  • Mod de fereastră pentru vizualizarea oraș
  • Calculator de transport
  • Clădiri de export / trupe / etc. la BB-Code
  • Trupele de export / listă comanda / simulator / etc. de imagine
  • Online timer
  • Toate instrumentele importante pentru Grepolis din meniu și butonul o bară
  • Și mult mai mult!
    Puteți găsi o descriere completă și extinsă de toate caracteristicile de aici:

Ar putea cineva să mă ajute traduce lista cu toate funcțiile?


  • Translations: Improvement of ES (by Guerrero2013)
  • Translations: Improvement of IT (by Psy17)
  • Translations: Improvement of EN (by cedomaiori)
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by Siloperg47)
  • Town Info (Bugfix): The buttons of the “no overload” extension were under certain circumstances added multiple times to a window
  • BB-Code: Town lists are now numbered (idea by M0e)
  • Reports (Bugfix): After the last Grepolis Update spell reports missed the used god
  • Export function: Error message changed (more info, removal of the donation link)
  • Code (other): Improvements of the code throughout the script
  • Donations: My thank you for supporting the project goes to:
    David M. – 10 €
    Thomas M. W. – 3 €


  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by tesseus, Jonh Snow)
  • Translations: Changed the upload animation symbol to the new Grepolis load animation (previously hourglass)
  • Export function: Changed the upload animation symbol to the new Grepolis load animation (previously hourglass)
  • Export function: You can now easily add your own drawings to your screenshots by using one of the following tools: Eraser, pencil, arrow, straight line, rectangel or circle. Changing of the line width and color is possible, too.
  • Donations: One christmastly greeting goes to Benedikt K. for his donation of 2 Euro.


  • Translations: Improvement of BR (by tesseus, Jonh Snow)
  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by Thodoris)
  • Caves overview (Bugfix): Some elements wrongfully appeared in the foreground during scrolling
  • User profile: Inactivity display added
  • Donations: Many thanks for your christmas presents - much appreciated!
    Sandra M. - 5€
    Lea Renate G. - 10€
    Helena E. - 5€
    Mercedes G. - 1€
    Alexander S. - 10 €
    Peter F. - 1€
    Martina S - 1€


  • Code general: The script settings are now working as they should
And that's it for this update. ;) I wanted to provide this bugfix as soon as possible because relatively many of you asked about it (all your transmitted translations etc. will of course be added with next update). I also wanted to make sure that this update will get rid of the underlying problem before I change anything else. Please send me some feedback if this in fact worked. If I didn't mess up, your prior saved settings should also be reactived. Besides that the problem was also responsible for the compability problems with Firefox 36 and newer - this update should fix that.

To all script developers:

A change in Firefox 35 is the reason that the GM_listValues() function of Greasemonkey stops working. The devolopers of Greasemonkey are already informed. Let's hope they find a fix for this soon.


  • Translations: Improvement of NL (by H2ODelirious, Florent18 )
  • Hides overview: Added some new features:
    A new display shows you the total anmount of silver in all your cities
    A new button downsizes each city box which lets you store your silver much faster (more cities visible, less scrolling)
  • Toolbox: Some minor changes to the menu. Some items are now summarized under “tools”
  • Toolbox: Changed the link from the old unit comparison tool to the new unit calculator
  • Donations: Thanks again guys for supporting the project! It it really helps me stay motivated even after all those years! Thank you:
    Markus B. – 1 €
    Sylvie S. – 10€
    Marcel P. – 20€
    Manuela M. – 5€
Unfortunately I didn't have the time to repair the inactivity display. I will work on this in the next few days.

For all of you who didn't noticed: There's currently a small Grepolis gold giveaway on http://grepolisqt.de. You can find more information here: Grepolis Easter Event – 1500 Gold Giveaway


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