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DIO-Tools este oficial aprobat de Grepolis (RO)


In primul rand iti trebuie o extensie pentru browser sa rulezi DIO - Tools.

Odata ce extensia a fost instalata si browserul a fost restartat, scriptul poate fi instalat:






ATENTIE: Un astfel de script (sau folosirea mai multora simultan) poate duce la incetinirea vitezei jocului sau chiar la blocarea lui pentru cateva secunde. (Mai ales pentru PC-uri de generatie mai veche)!
Ultima editare de un moderator:


Pacat de vremurile apuse cand se juca curat.
Acum,mai toti se ascund in spatele multi conturilor si isi plimba goldul de pe un cont pe altul,in timp ce altii abia au sa activeze administratorul si capitanul.


Pacat de vremurile apuse cand se juca curat.
Acum,mai toti se ascund in spatele multi conturilor si isi plimba goldul de pe un cont pe altul,in timp ce altii abia au sa activeze administratorul si capitanul.
ca tot nu vrei sa vb cu mine, curat, facem 1/1 pe noua lume? astept sa ma inviti langa tine.


Are cineva un link la DIO care sa mai functioneze inca? Pentru Firefox m-ar interesa.


Membru Nou
În urma închiderii site-ului http://diotools.de/ și a lipsei de actualizare, am actualizat scriptul (imaginea 404, https securitate și mai multe erori + Smiley ...)

EN: Following the closing of the site http://diotools.de/ and the lack of update, I updated the script (image 404, https security and several bug + Smiley...)


Aș dori să introduc limba română în DIO-TOOLS-David1327, dar nu știu deloc limba română,

mă poți ajuta traducând acest lucru în limba română (cu roșu)?

EN: I would like to insert Romanian into DIO-TOOLS-David1327 but I do not know Romanian at all,
can you help me by translating this into Romanian (in red)?

en: {
            settings: {
                dsc: "DIO-Tools offers, among other things, some displays, a smiley box,<br>trade options and some changes to the layout.",
                act: "Activate/deactivate features of the toolset:",
                prv: "Preview of several features:",

                version_old: "Version is not up to date",
                version_new: "Version is up to date",
                version_dev: "Developer version",

                version_update: "Update",

                link_forum: "https://www.tuto-de-david1327.com/pages/info/dio-tools-david1327.html",
                link_contact: "https://fr.forum.grepolis.com/index.php?members/diony.42456/",

                forum: "Tuto de david1327",
                author: "Author",

                cat_units: "Units",
                cat_icons: "Town icons",
                cat_forum: "Forum",
                cat_trade: "Trade",
                cat_wonders: "World wonder",
                cat_layout: "Layout",
                cat_other: "Miscellaneous"
            options: {
                //bir: ["Bireme counter", "Counts the biremes of a city and sums these"],
                ava: ["Units overview", "Counts the units of all cities"],
                sml: ["Smilies", "Extends the bbcode bar by a smiley box"],
                str: ["Unit strength", "Adds unit strength tables in various areas"],
                tra: ["Transport capacity", "Shows the occupied and available transport capacity in the unit menu"],
                per: ["Percentual trade", "Extends the trade window by a percentual trade"],
                rec: ["Recruiting trade", "Extends the trade window by a recruiting trade"],
                cnt: ["Conquests", "Counts the attacks/supports in the conquest window"],
                way: ["Troop speed", "Displays improved troop speed in the attack/support window"],
                sim: ["Simulator", "Adaptation of the simulator layout & permanent display of the extended modifier box"],
                spl: ["(Obsolete) Spell box", "Compressed movable & magnetic spell box (position memory)"],
                act: ["(Obsolete) Activity boxes", "Improved display of trade and troop activity boxes (position memory)"],
                pop: ["Favor popup", "Changes the favor popup"],
                tsk: ["Taskbar", "Increases the taskbar and minimizes the daily reward window on startup"],
                cha: ["Chat", 'Replaced the alliance chat by an world chat. (FlashPlayer required)'],
                bbc: ["Defense form", "Extends the bbcode bar by an automatic defense form"],
                com: ["Unit Comparison", "Adds unit comparison tables"],
                tic: ["Town icons", "Each city receives an icon for the town type (automatic detection)", "Additional icons are available for manual selection"],
                til: ["Town list", "Adds the town icons to the town list"],
                tim: ["Map", "Sets the town icons on the strategic map"],
                wwc: ["Calculator", "Share calculation & resources counter + previous & next buttons on finished world wonders (currently not deactivatable!)"],
                wwr: ["Ranking", "Redesigned world wonder rankings"],
                wwi: ["Icons", 'Adds world wonder icons on the strategic map'],
                con: ["Context menu", 'Swaps "Select town" and "City overview" in the context menu'],
                sen: ["Sent units", 'Shows sent units in the attack/support window'],
                tov: ["Town overview", 'Replaces the new town overview with the old window style'],
                scr: ["Mouse wheel", 'You can change the views with the mouse wheel'],

                err: ["Send bug reports automatically", "If you activate this option, you can help identify bugs."],
                her: ["Thracian Conquest", "Downsizing of the map of the Thracian conquest."],
                // Town icons
                LandOff: "Land Offensive",
                LandDef: "Land Defensive",
                NavyOff: "Navy Offensive",
                NavyDef: "Navy Defensive",
                FlyOff: "Fly Offensive",
                FlyDef: "Fly Defensive",
                Out: "Outside",
                Emp: "Empty"
            labels: {
                uni: "Units overview",
                total: "Total",
                available: "Available",
                outer: "Outside",
                con: "Select town",
                // Smileys
                std: "Standard",
                gre: "Grepolis",
                nat: "Nature",
                ppl: "People",
                oth: "Other",
                hal: "Halloween",
                xma: "Xmas",
                // Defense form
                ttl: "Overview: Town defense",
                inf: "Town information:",
                dev: "Deviation",
                det: "Detailed land units",
                prm: "Premium bonuses",
                sil: "Silver volume",
                mov: "Troop movements:",
                // WW
                leg: "WW Share",
                stg: "Stage",
                tot: "Total",
                // Simulator
                str: "Unit strength",
                los: "Loss",
                mod: "without modificator influence",
                // Comparison box
                dsc: "Unit comparison",
                hck: "Blunt",
                prc: "Sharp",
                dst: "Distance",
                sea: "Sea",
                att: "Offensive",
                def: "Defensive",
                spd: "Speed",
                bty: "Booty (resources)",
                cap: "Transport capacity",
                res: "Costs (resources)",
                fav: "Favor",
                tim: "Recruiting time (s)",
                // Trade
                rat: "Resource ratio of an unit type",
                shr: "Share of the storage capacity of the target city",
                per: "Percentage trade",
                // Sent units box
                lab: "Sent units",
                improved_movement: "Improved troop movement",
            tutoriel: {
                tuto: "=Guides Grepolis=",
                reme: "I thank everyone who contributed to the development of DIO-Tools",

                link_troupes: "https://www.tuto-de-david1327.com/pages/troupes-grepolis.html",
                link_utile: "https://www.tuto-de-david1327.com/pages/info/sites-utilitaires.html",

                Trou: ["Grepolis Troops Specialization Tutorial - tuto de david1327", "What you need to know about the troupe of grepolis Strengths / weaknesses of the units"],
                util: ["Utility sites for grepolis - Tuto de david1327", "A multitude of tools for Grepolis: Statistics, Maps, Tools, Script, Forum ... they are all listed here."]
            buttons: {
                sav: "Save", ins: "Insert", res: "Reset"

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